Official Statement on Planned Parenthood of Springfield, IL Move

On Monday, May 9, the west side of Springfield got quite the sudden surprise to see Planned Parenthood had moved and opened in the neighborhood.  The purchasing and permits were obtained under a third party’s name.  PP’s representative made contradicting statements about their move.  She said the reason for the secrecy was “NOT to avoid controversy” implying they have nothing to be afraid/ashamed of.  And yet she also said “other centers that have moved have been targeted.”  The local residents and businesses are not happy to say the least.2016-05-11_11.35.50

The Salve Regina Center would like to make an official statement regarding the move:

With Planned Parenthood’s new location on the west-side of Springfield, a more disturbing spiritual, emotional, and mental presence has moved in over the local businesses and residencies.  This organization is known to promote risky behavior and exploit women in crisis situations.  They purposefully provide the RU-486 abortions on Fridays abandoning their patients for the weekend as women experience the traumatic expulsion of the baby on their own.  The Salve Regina Center stands as the antithesis of Planned Parenthood in this neighborhood.  Our professional counseling and FertilityCare™ services educates, empowers, and supports women and men to make healthy choices about their sexuality that safeguard their mental and physical wellness.  We assist with emotional healing for those who have been harmed by Planned Parenthood’s practices.  We look forward to the day when their doors are closed for good.





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